Amway Bookshelf

Amway Bookshelf

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You don’t need to wait for the postman to get the latest Amway brochures, catalogues and magazines.

Install the free Amway Bookshelf app on your Apple or Android tablet and download each new publication in seconds.

You can store each edition on your tablet for future offline reference too, so you’re never without the latest information when you’re out and about.

Plus digital publications can showcase Amway products more effectively with interactive and rich media enhancements such as video, image galleries and animations.

Present Amway products and information to customers and prospects more easily. And because it’s free, they can download the publications too. No need to leave behind extra copies.

Digital magazines and brochures also reduce paper waste, contributing to Amway’s commitment to sustainability and the environment.

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Amway Bookshelf - iPad


Visit the App Store on your iPad or iPhone to download and install the Amway Bookshelf app and start reading!

Amway Bookshelf - Android


Download the Amway Bookshelf app from the Google Play Store on your Android device for a growing library at your fingertips!