Collagen Coffee: A new wellness superdrink

Document Date Posted: 20/07/2022-06:02AM

Boost your health and beauty from within

A hot cup of coffee is a delicious way to start your day. With collagen present in it, your health and wellness regime will reach a whole new level!

Collagen is now a super ingredient in health, skincare and wellness products. Thanks to celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Kourtney Kardashian and Kate Hudson drinking collagen with their coffee and crediting it for their youthful appearance, it’s exploding in popularity.

Its popularity aside, collagen is important for your body’s bone health, skin, blood vessels and organs. Low levels of collagen in the body can affect joint health and lead to skin sagging due to a lack of elasticity.1

What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein that’s found in the human bones, muscle, skin and tendons and it holds the body together, giving it strength and structure. It’s also found in the connective tissues of animals and fish. While collagen in products is mostly derived from animals like cows and fish, its vegan form is made from genetically modified yeast and bacteria.

There are two types of collagen; endogenous collagen and exogenous collagen.1 Endogenous collagen is what the body makes naturally while exogenous collagen comes from an outside source like supplements or collagen powder.

Did you know collagen levels reduce as you get older? Lower production of collagen is said to contribute to skin ageing as collagen structures become thinner and weaker. Low collagen levels also affect the rate at which wounds heal.1

Improved collagen levels can lead to firmer skin, promote wound healing, support a healthy cardiovascular system and support joint health leading to better health and wellness overall.

Adding a collagen supplement to your daily diet can help boost collagen levels in the body delivering a wide range of health benefits. Collagen is also widely available as a powder for people to consume with water, smoothies, shakes and coffee.

A new beauty regime

There’s a new wellness superdrink in town: coffee and collagen. Introducing Amway™ Collagen Coffee, the new 2-in-1 blend that combines coffee from the world’s finest Robusta coffee beans, and collagen conveniently in one product.

Robusta coffee beans have a higher level of caffeine, less sugar content and a nutty after taste making it a good choice for those who enjoy a stronger cup of coffee with more earthy flavours.  Robusta coffee beans were originally found in central and western sub-Saharan Africa. Today, it’s the second most popular coffee in the world grown in Africa, Indonesia and Vietnam at low altitudes and it’s known to be resistant to insect and diseases.2

Thanks to almost double the amount of caffeine compared to Arabica beans, coffee made from Robusta beans helps to energise you for the day by increasing your alertness levels while collagen helps to support beauty and wellness from within.

Support your wellbeing

Amway™ Collagen Coffee combines high quality Robusta coffee and collagen conveniently in a 2-in-1 blend to not only help you enjoy a delicious cup of coffee but also to boost your body’s daily collagen levels. A fuss-free way to enjoy your morning coffee and increase collagen levels to help you make the most out of every day!

It’s time to elevate your coffee experience

Amway™ Collagen Coffee combines the world’s finest quality ideal for those who like drinking coffee (or coffees!) and want to increase their collagen intake without too much fuss or having to mix different products together. The collagen is already present in the coffee taking the guesswork out of how much to mix with your choice of drink.

Who is it for?

Amway™ Collagen Coffee is perfect if you:

  • love trying out new products for your health and wellness especially 2-in-1 products and blends
  • want the convenience of having collagen present in your morning cup of coffee as you head to work or the gym
  • want to kick start your day and boost your energy levels to help you get through busy days
  • want to feel supported in your health and wellness regime
  • want to boost your health and beauty from within
  • love drinking coffee as a pick-me-up several times in the day and want something extra in the form of collagen
  • love the experience and taste of drinking coffee and it’s a big part of relaxing and ‘me-time’. Knowing your coffee has collagen can enhance your coffee ritual
  • want coffee with collagen that’s easy and simple to prepare when you’re at work, at home or on the go
  • want glowing skin
  • don’t want to choose between your morning smoothie or a cup of coffee

    Key features of Amway™ Collagen Coffee

    • 2.7g of collagen per serve
    • No added sugar
    • No artificial colours or sweeteners
    • No added gluten
    • No added dairy
    • 108mg of caffeine

      How to make your Amway™ Collagen Coffee

      Amway™ Collagen Coffee is a convenient 2-in-1 blend with coffee and collagen. You can either drink it plain by stirring 2.5 teaspoons of Amway™ Collagen Coffee in 200ml hot water or create your own versions of hot or cold coffee drinks by blending Amway™ Collagen Coffee with plant milks for a vegan option.

      Supercharge your health and beauty regime from the inside out whenever you want with Amway™ Collagen Coffee.