Exercising at home

Document Date Posted: 01/11/2021-12:28AM

5 tips to help you stay motivated in spring

Spring is here!

As we leave the memory of winter behind, it’s time to dust off your fitness equipment (that you bought in a fit of passion!). With the pandemic forcing everyone indoors, home fitness is now accessible to everyone.

Your home is one of the best places to exercise because it’s convenient, cheap and accessible any time of day or evening.

But if you’re finding it hard to get started, we share some practical and easy tips to rev your motivation engine so you can spring healthily into warmer weather.

TIP#1: Create a dedicated space for exercise

Research has shown that dividing your environment into spaces designed for different activities can boost your productivity and get you in the zone faster, while being amazing for your brain.

Creating an exercise space in your home can help you feel motivated as soon as you enter it. Make sure it’s not in a high traffic area (next to the TV in the living room or the kitchen!) or a place where you’re going to be disturbed by kids or a partner.

The garage is a great place in which to set up your equipment, as is the backyard (with the added benefit of fresh air while you exercise). If you want to feel really motivated, get a wireless speaker that can pump out your favourite songs.

Lay out your equipment and towel in your exercise space every night so it’s ready for you in the morning.

TIP#2: Wear exercise clothes

Research has shown that wearing the right clothes for a specific task or job can help your brain get into the zone or switch gears into the new activity. More importantly, wearing gym clothes provides support and comfort and prevents your body from overheating.

Lay out your clothes and shoes in plain view the night before so you don’t have to decide what to wear in the morning. The fewer decisions you make before you exercise, the stronger your willpower will be!

TIP#3: Create a plan and track progress

If you start exercising without a plan or goals; you’ll fail before you start! Creating a plan gives you a better idea of the types of exercises you should be doing and the frequency.

For example, if you want to strengthen your core, you’ll need to add in abdominal exercises (abs!).

So the overall goal becomes strengthening your core. You may choose to start off with three different abs exercises three times a week, say on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for ten minutes. So if you have this written down, and scheduled into your calendar you’re likely to commit.

Write down how many reps you did on those three days and chart your progress. Seeing how far you’ve come will encourage you to keep going. If you prefer using an app, there are lots of free options you can use to track your goals including the ‘FitBod’ app.

If your goal is to lose weight, Amway’s BodyKey® program is a personalised weight management solution designed to suit your lifestyle with tracking and coaching, plus it makes it fun!

TIP#4: Mix it up

If you do the same exercise each time, chances are you’ll get bored and stop.

For maximum health benefits, mix it up. Combine cardio with low intensity exercise like yoga or Pilates, and high intensity workouts with weights. There are heaps of free videos and exercises online. Find a fitness coach to follow, stream their workouts from your phone to your TV and sweat it out.

Make sure you’re not exercising at high intensity every day. Give your body a chance to rest and recover in between exercises. Use XS™ Sport Magnesium Sticks while on the move. It supports normal muscle function, electrolyte balance, bone health and helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Tear open a stick, sprinkle the contents directly into your mouth. Let the granules dissolve on your tongue and then swallow.

TIP#5: Eat well, feel good

How energetic you feel determines your motivation level to move. Food plays a big part in determining your energy levels. The right foods will have you raring to go; the wrong foods will leave you feeling lethargic and unable to move from the couch.

For an energy boost before your workout, try XS™ Pre-Workout Boost Melonade for sustained energy and increased endurance to get you through.

Without eating the right foods, you won’t see results from exercise alone. For example if you’re not having enough protein, you won’t be able to build lean muscle. Aim for protein at each meal. Eat a wide range of fruits and vegetables. Snack on nuts or fruit in between meals.

Nutritional supplements can go a long way in helping you get the right nutrition, and fill in any nutritional gaps. For a protein boost after your workout, add NUTRIWAY Berry flavoured Protein Powder to your shake or smoothie or munch on a delicious XS™ Fuel Bar high in protein and fibre, with a multivitamin blend.

Maintaining physical fitness is not only good for your body, it’s great for your mind too. Start small with our tips and motivation will follow soon after. Which one of these five tips will you be trying out?

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