XS 20 Minute Power Workout

Document Date Posted: 12/01/2021-12:34AM

You may have seen health magazines, social media and news articles extolling the benefits of a power workout and perhaps illustrations of the type of exercises you can do.

What is a power workout? In this type of workout, the focus is on building muscle and muscle strength by doing exercises which concentrate on a particular part of your body (for example; abs or legs). These exercises are repeated in sets with a short break in between each exercise to allow for recovery.

If you go to the gym, then you’ve probably seen a circuit class in action or have attended one – well, that’s an example of a power workout – high intensity exercise over a short period of time.

Power workouts have many health benefits according to an article published on the Harvard Health blog.

Strengthens muscle and bones
Regular power workouts make your muscles stronger because you’re putting in more resistance than usual. As you age, and start losing bone density, power training can be a great way of building muscle tone and keeping those ol’ bones strong and healthy. Taking a supplement like NUTRIWAY® Cal Mag D Advanced also plays an important part in bone health along with regular exercise to prevent diseases like osteoporosis.1

Increase reaction times to falls
A power workout, as the name suggests, focuses on increasing your body power which can help you react quickly if you start to fall or lose your balance. The older you get, the higher the chances are of falling - according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare which recorded that in 2011-12, over 96,000 older Australians aged 65 years and above were hospitalised for a fall related injury2.

Healthier heart
If you’ve done a power workout in the past, you’d know from experience that you sweat more and feel an increase in your blood flow and heart rate – you can actually hear your heart pounding in your ears!

Adding power moves to your workout enhances your cardiovascular function. The exercise intensity makes the heart pump more blood around your body which leads to a healthier body and a rosy complexion. According to an article published in Prevention health magazine, power workouts or short cardio bursts make your heart work harder and pump more blood which improves your heart health3.

Increased energy
You get a higher rush of endorphins and your body breaks down sugar a lot faster when you add power workouts to your exercise routine. Digestion and elimination of toxins also improves because your blood is flowing quicker around your body.

The number of calories you consume is burnt quicker compared to regular cardio and it helps you in losing weight faster. Plus, strength training makes your muscles appear leaner, your body appear more toned, and helps you lose the extra weight that often hangs around our tummies as we grow older.

You’ll feel more energetic, sleep better and eat better after regular power workouts4.

Decrease in stress
In today’s modern world, our bodies often stay in a state of stress daily due to the hectic pace we live in. Add a poor diet and lots of caffeine to this dynamic and you have a recipe for health problems down the line.

It’s no secret that exercise helps to reduce and eliminate stress levels. During power workouts, the exercise is often high intensity, the body is working harder and so the outcome is a lot more beneficial than if you were to take a slow walk around a park.

Reduced stress levels mean you’re able to react and deal with stressful situations better both at work and at home rather than flying off the handle.

If you’re looking to incorporate some power workouts into your exercise routine, then you can check out our XS™ Sports Nutrition Full Body Workout, is a good place to start. Keep a look out for our new workout video we’ll be posting soon!


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