Organic And Sustainable Farms

Amway’s commitment to sustainable farming began decades ago. We believe that farming in accordance with nature is more sustainable and environmentally sound.

We have stewardship of 6,400 hectares of certified organic farmland. Today, many botanicals—or plant-based ingredients— are grown on Amway farms, which grow unique organic plants based on location. NUTRIWAY® is the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest and process plants on their own certified organic farms*.

All Amway farms practice organic farming and include on-site processing operations so nutrients can be preserved soon after harvest. Botanicals grown by Amway suppliers use the NutriCert™ certification process as a guideline for documenting the producer’s source and growing practices.

Our approach to organic farming blends cultural practices, land management and farm management to sustain the relationship between farming and nature.

We minimise practices such as tilling that tend to erode soil, and focus on those practices that support the micro-organisms and earthworm activity that support plant growth.

Importantly, we are committed to the preservation of habitats and have protected the natural ecological areas within farm boundaries to sustain the diversity of both native and animal plant species.

* Euromonitor International Limited,