We strongly support the responsible use of packaging and 95% of the packaging for Amway products sold in our market is readily recyclable.

Extensive research has been conducted to determine the minimum amount of packaging that can be used to ensure safe transport and storage of Amway products.

Our packaging contains significant quantities of recycled materials. Even the biodegradable, wheat-based loose-fill beads that secure our products in transport cartons can be re-used.

As many of our products are concentrated, less packaging material is required than for conventional goods.

In Australia, 95% of the packaging sold with Amway products is readily recyclable. We maintain a high overall product/packaging ratio of around 2.35/1.

Responsible Use of Packaging at Amway at Amway:

  • Most packaging materials used are recyclable cardboard, aluminium and HDPE, i.e. materials that are readily recycled.
  • We reuse or Recycle 99% of our incoming shipping cartons.
  • All shipping cartons purchased by Amway of Australia are made from 100% recycled material.
  • We recycle all shrink wrap and insulation material used in our warehouse.
  • A high percentage of the packaging used on site is sent for recycling.
  • 95% of all the packaging in which we sell our products can be readily recycled.
  • Office paper and ink cartridges are sent for recycling.
  • Green-Pak® is the void fill packaging material in shipping cartons sent from the Amway warehouse to our customers. It is made from Australian wheat, is a lightweight and fully biodegradable packaging material. This material can be used as quality compost for your garden, as it is designed to break down into naturally in the soil.