The Women & Children’s Hospital (SA)

The Women's and Children's Hospital is a specialist facility for women's and children's health. They are the leading provider of specialist care for children with acute and chronic conditions in South Australia, as well as the State's largest maternity and obstetric service. They also provide important community-based services.

As one of the State's major teaching hospitals, they work with all three South Australian universities in the training of hundreds of health professionals each year. The Hospital forms part of the Women's and Children's Health Network, one of five health networks in South Australia.

The Amway One By One Foundation has donated $10,000 to The Women & Children’s Hospital for play equipment at their patient beach house and $11,310 to fund a Hausted chair. This all-purpose chair slides a patient from their bed and slowly increases their tolerance for sitting to improve their function. Patients that would benefit from this chair would include neurosurgical, neurological, orthopaedics, and acute unwell patients in ICU.