The Children's Hospital at Westmead


Amway is now a Benefactor of the Children’s Hospital at Westmead with donations exceeding $290,000.

Our donations have helped fund –

  • 4 Babylog VN500s for Neonatal Ventilation to help babies with severe lung conditions breathe.
  • A shuttle bed to transport critically ill babies avoiding the need to move them from bed to bed.
  • A bedside ECG Machine to provide continuous monitoring.
  • A defibrillator that provides a shock to the heart when there is a life-threatening irregular heartbeat.

The new equipment is located in The Grace Centre for Newborn Care that provides intensive care for high-risk newborns.

“We are so grateful here at the Grace Centre for the numerous donations from Amway. As we are a highly specialised centre for babies with surgical and cardiac problems, it is important we have the best equipment to help us save as many lives as possible,” said Professor Nadia Badawi from The Grace Centre for Newborn Care.

Globally, One by One Campaign for Children has donated US$250 million to worthy charitable causes and helped 12 million children.