Amway Central ANZ


When you need that extra bit of support to find the right material you are looking for on Amway products or the business, for yourself or to share, there is no better destination than Amway Central ANZ! 

Accessible anytime, anywhere, the Amway Central ANZ app is your one stop for all the latest Amway apps, websites, recommenders, social links, digital publications and more!

Showcase the Amway business and products more effectively, with interactive and rich media enhancements such as video, image galleries, animations, websites and recommenders.

You can access the app by signing in with your Amway IBO number and password, to gain access to a wealth of information. If the visitor to the app is a prospect, they can still visit the app as a "Guest", which has a more limited selection of information. 

Digital publications and other materials have never been easier to find and to share with clearly defined content sections and a fantastic search function, to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Clearly indicated formats, such as "Web link", "Video link", "Folio", etc help you choose the right material formats to suit your purpose.

If you're preparing for a presentation, or just need to bookmark content for your reference later to read or to share, you can do so by just find the content, go through the content and "Favourite" them. Later you can just go to "Favourites" and they'll be there, bookmarked and ready for you. 

Be notified on the app when new content becomes available, or even updates to contents that you may have already downloaded. You can also now receive general business notifications!  So never miss a notification, with the Messages feature, where you can refer to updates anytime.

New IBOs who are starting out their journey can find the contents of their eBusiness Kit all within the section called "Starting Your Journey".  Within the first 90 days of joining the Amway business if an IBO logs into Amway Central ANZ, the new IBO lands directly in this section which contains all the Chart Your Course New IBO Program materials, which are most relevant to them.  All IBOs can access this cotent through the "Starting Your Business" section.

Did you know that Amway Central ANZ now also has a built-in QR code scanner? How handy is that!  Just tap on the "Scan" button to open up the scanner, and you're ready to scan any QR code you find on your promotional or display material.

"Shop Online" gives you quick access to the Amway shopping cart, allowing you to order straight away.  You can also find links to our "Apps" and Business Centre/Shop locations easily.

Amway Central ANZ is available to download now from the App Store for iPhone and iPad or Google Play for Android smartphones and tablets. Once the icon is on your device, you can access a whole range of Amway digital assets, anywhere, anytime.



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