Scientists discovered that when hair is damaged it gains a negative charge, causing hair to weaken, become frizzy and lifeless* .

Our exclusive Enerjuve® complex is positively charged to correct this negative charge found in damaged hair. So how does it work?
Firstly, it surrounds the hair and selectively binds to damaged areas to rebuild weak spots, then penetrates through to the core to repair and revitalise from the inside out, smoothing the surface for shiny, healthy hair.

Satinique products are professional and salon quality at a competitive price. The products are categorised into three easy levels: CARE, TREAT AND STYLE. There is a product for every hair care need from volume, repair, colour protection, scalp nourishment to everyday care.

SATINIQUE is the next generation of hair care, using traditional botanicals and oils in a technologically advanced way with our exclusive patented Enerjuve® complex to give you great results. Enerjuve® is composed of lipids, 18-MEA and creatine which helps repair and restore hair back to its natural, healthy looking state.

*Plus, all Satinique products are gentle, botanically based, gluten free and not tested on animals.