Anti-Spot Solution

Achieve a youthful, bright and even-toned complexion.

This solution addresses the formation of dark spots or hyperpigmentation and commonly is a result of hormonal changes or some form of injury to the skin. Sun exposure and acne are common causes that contribute to this concern.

  • Skin Renewal Kit
    Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel – Exfoliates skin cells revealing fresher, healthier skin and a renewed glow.
    Vitamin C & HA Treatment – Helps prevent the look of lines caused by environmental aggressors with powerful antioxidant protection.

  • Ideal Radiance Skincare Regime Pack
    SHOP NOW - Milky Emulsion or SHOP NOW Moisture Cream
    Ideal Radiance Illuminating Foam Cleanser
    Ideal Radiance Illuminating Softening Lotion
    Ideal Radiance Illuminating Milky Emulsion or Illuminating Moisture Cream

  • Anti-Spot Power Bundle
    Signature Base Serum – Use with up to 3 amplifiers to provide a customised serum for your best skin ever!
    Signature Select Brightening Amplifier – Encourages cell turnover to reveal flawless, radiant and luminous skin.
    Signature Select Anti-Spot Amplifier – Diminishes and reduces the appearance of dark spots for a brighter complexion.