essentials by ARTISTRY

Young skin can be unpredictable. Some days it behaves and is under control; other days it’s oily and blemishes stand out. The essentials by ARTISTRY® collection aims to simplify skincare with easy-to-use products for cleansing and moisturising skin, while controlling oil and reducing shine. The oil-free formulas contain naturally derived, high-quality ingredients to keep skin balanced and fresh all day. Almost everyone, at some point in their lifetime, experiences blemishes. The primary skin contributors to blemishes are excessive oil production, dead skin buildup, and the spread of bacteria. The essentials by ARTISTRY skincare routine aids in improving common skin concerns by balancing hydration and oil for fresh, clear skin.
The botanically infused collection includes:

  • Gel Cleanser – a gentle, water-based, oil-free foaming gel that deeply and effectively cleanses skin and removes makeup, impurities, and excess oils to help produce a fresher, clearer-looking complexion. The essentials by ARTISTRY Gel Cleanser cleanses and tones in one simple step and features cucumber to help calm and soothe skin, leaving it fresh, soft, and pH balanced.
  • Light Lotion – Featuring calming and soothing chamomile, a water-light, oil-free lotion that lightly hydrates and balances surface oil to control shine. The essentials by ARTISTRY Light Lotion provides environmental protection with antioxidants to fight off free radicals from pollution, environmental assaults, and UV light that can cause the appearance of skin damage.
  • Makeup Removing Wipes – Convenient, disposable cleansing cloths gently removes heavy, longwearing makeup and pore clogging impurities easily and quickly. The non-stripping formula includes vitamin E which helps to leave the skin conditioned without leaving an oily residue.
  • Anti Blemish Pore Refreshing Toner- A gentle, multi-action toner with nature’s Lemon and Salicylic Acid. Use it after cleansing to purify clogged pores and help prevent both blackheads and whiteheads.
  • Anti Blemish Gel Treatment - Apply this targeted spot treatment at the first sign of trouble. The gentle formula, including nature’s Witch Hazel and Salicylic Acid, helps soothe skin and calm redness while it works.
  • Oil and Blemish Control Treatment Bundle - The Oil and Blemish Control Treatment Bundle not only has a 10% price discount, but it contains essentials by ARTISTRY skincare products plus the ARTISTRY Signature Select® Purifying Mask to address concerns with oily or blemish prone skin, blocked pores, dull skin and blackheads, most common in teenagers and young adults.