Determined to elevate beauty to a level never before achieved, ARTISTRY® scientists began their quest for the catalyst that could prompt a regeneration of skin’s youthful beauty. With the next generation ARTISTRY Supreme LX® formulas, skin is energised and protected by environmental aggressors. By night, skin’s appearance is replenished and renewed. Now, skin is empowered to act up to an astonishing 15 years younger, resulting in a profound transformation where multiple signs of visible ageing is dramatically reduced.

FACT 1 - Best Selling ARTISTRY Product

ARTISTRY Supreme LX Regenerating Cream is the best-selling product in the ARTISTRY range. That’s because it is so luxurious and technologically advanced that it empowers your skin to act up to 15 years younger!

FACT 2 - Synchronise Your Skin’s Natural Appearance

ARTISTRY Supreme LX is the ultimate in high performance, anti-ageing technology. It uses the regenerative powers of a powerful star ingredient, the Gardenia Grandiflora Stem Cell Extracts to help synchronise the skin’s natural appearance.

FACT 3 - Energise Your Skin With 24 Carat Gold

ARTISTRY Supreme LX uses the power of CellEffect24 Complex, a next generation technology, and is enriched with 24 carat gold which multiplies the skin’s natural ability to energise itself. In fact, using Supreme LX increases the skins energy index by 68 times over the baseline1, empowering skin to act up to 15 years younger.

FACT 4 - See The Difference In 2 Weeks

ARTISTRY Supreme LX targets the visible signs of ageing. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced, dark spots will visibly fade, crepey, thinning skin appears firmer and smoother and a beautiful youthful appearance emerges. Within 2 weeks your skin will look better than it has in years!



ARTISTRY Supreme LX – Melissa Gabhrial Testimonial

1 Energy Index is tested by in-vitro test method in human dermal fibroblast cells with Artistry Supreme LX ingredient blend technology (including Gardenia Grandiflora Stem Cell Extracts and CellEffect24 Complex.)


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