Transform the air quality in your environment at the touch of a button with our advanced air purification technology that you can set and forget. The ATMOSPHERE™ Air Purifier's innovative technology, superb performance, convenience and purification power banishes 99.9% of the airborne particles that pass through it including pollen, bacteria, fungal spores, dust mites, pet dander, cigarette smoke and viruses.


FACT 1 - ATMOSPHERE Clarus™ filtration system removes up to 99.99% of contaminants like smoke, dust, pollen and over 80 others that pass through the filter.

In 2004, indoor air pollution from solid fuel use was responsible for almost 2 million annual deaths globally and 2.7% of the global burden of disease.1 Air pollution is greater indoors than outside, with newer building being particular at risk of hazardous air pollution due to low ventilation rates and 'off gassing' of new building materials.2 As the prevalence and danger of indoor air pollution becomes better understood, it’s apparent that every home can benefit from an air cleaner especially since we spend 90% of our time inside.

FACT 2 - When compared to other comparable models, its patented Pureflow™ system technology helps to reduce energy costs making it an Energy Star Rated product.3
The patented Pureflow™ system helps to eliminates excessive fan noise by operating only when it is needed but also helps to make its functioning energy efficient. Its patented design also helps to make it quiet as it brings air in through a relatively small opening and disperses it back into the room through a large one.

FACT 3 - Atmosphere delivers exceptional performance thanks to 75,000+ research hours and 66 patents.
Operating at top speed, the ATMOSPHERE has a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 7.1 cubic metres per minute. CADR, is the primary performance standard of air cleaners. The higher the CADR, the faster a unit clears the air of pollutants, and the larger a room it can effectively clean.

FACT 4 - Atmosphere removes particles as small as 0.009 microns which is smaller than leading competitors such as Dyson®, Philips® and Sharp®.4

Atmosphere uses a 3 stage filtration process which allows it to remove particles more efficiently. It can remove particles as small as 0.009 microns for a room size 36m2. Stage one uses a prefilter to remove large particles, stage two uses a HEPA particle filter to trap micro-particlesand stage three employs a carbon filter to reduce gas-phase odour molecules.



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