Michael Cane

1. What was your life like prior to, and after the BodyKey® by NUTRIWAY® journey?

Although I am usually quite outspoken and bubbly, before BodyKey, I actually lacked self-confidence when it came to my body. I thought I was comfortable in my body – however I often used to think that other people judged me. The real wake up moment was when I got on the scales for the first time in over 2 years and saw that I was nearly 100kg – and that put me 30kg over the average for my height. This was the moment that I decided to get serious about my health.

2. What are the significant physical improvements you’ve experienced while on BodyKey, such as weight, improvements in muscle mass, body fat %, BMI etc.?

I now sit at 78kg, having lost 17kg. Using the BodyKey App, I was able to monitor my weight, as well as my body fat mass, muscle mass & BMI:

Body Fat Mass was 28.8 now 22.0                   

Muscle Mass was 36.8 now 34.5

BMI was 30.6 now 25.5

Weighing in two times a week, I became very competitive to see how much progress I could make between weigh-ins. I am also very confident to take off my shirt and show my guns to my friends and family now!

3. How does that make you feel?         

I used to struggle to go up the stairs at work, and would be exhausted running around the park with my son - but not anymore! I feel a lot better within myself as well, I am more confident with my business team and at work. Without losing weight with BodyKey, I don’t think I would have had the confidence to be where I am today.

4. Have you tried to lose weight previously, and if so, how successful were you at losing weight and keeping it off?

Previous weight loss attempts were futile! Being the personality I am, I have struggled to maintain focus in the past. I believe that the BodyKey App highly contributed in maintaining focus throughout my weight loss journey. Receiving commentary from critics was also a massive driving force, I became ultra-focussed and now have the desire to achieve my goals no matter what!

5. What’s your exercise regimen like?

I had a major obstacle in this respect, the day after making the decision to get serious and lose weight, I had a major accident. This ruled out basically any exercise for the first 6 weeks or so. This meant I had to stay incredibly disciplined with my diet. I did, however, make sure I got my 10,000 steps in each day, and with the mentorship from my upline Emerald - who is a PT, I raised this to 15,000 and did a small routine with squats and lunges.  Many people ask me ‘How often do you go to the Gym?’ Before I would get a gym membership, I set myself a goal of losing 10kg. Since then, I have used the gym about a dozen times in total and this has just been for body and muscle tone, not so much weight loss.

6. What other NUTRIWAY products have helped you on your weight management journey?

One of the absolute key products to use in managing weight loss and staying ‘on the rails’ is NUTRIWAY All Plant Protein Powder. Portion size was always a problem for me, so getting food that was filling was key. All Plant Protein Powder is completely guilt free. I still add it to my shakes and cooking as it makes your shakes and meals more filling. It also takes away the desire to snack.

7. What are your weight management goals?

Short term, I want to keep under 80kg and focus on body shape and muscle tone. I am now only 3kg away from what I weighed when I was 16!

8. Do you have any advice for others looking to start their weight management journey?

Firstly, set a goal. My first goal was to get under 90kg, then under 85kg, then under 80kg. Commit to making small changes, but enough of them that it makes a difference. The BodyKey App and InBodyBAND will help with this. Understand that diet is 70-80% of what makes the difference, and you may need to adjust when and where you eat certain things. Completely getting rid of what I call ‘naughty food’ is a big no-no, if you cut it out completely, you will likely go off the rails, so reward yourself with a treat twice a week if you are hitting your goals. Don’t get discouraged with your progress, remember that Rome was not built in a day - lots of small losses add up to the big picture!

9. Will you recommend BodyKey by NUTRIWAY program and products?

Absolutely. The BodyKey products combined with a change in lifestyle and diet were integral in my success. Also, knowing the reputation and quality of any NUTRIWAY product makes it so easy to recommend.