NUTRIWAY® Daily is a once-daily multivitamin offering a convenient way to assist in filling the nutritional gaps in your daily diet with the added nutritional benefits of exclusive NUTRIWAY plant concentrates and phytonutrients.

FACT 1 - We use our exclusive Nutrilock™ coating to make NUTRIWAY® Daily tablets easier to swallow.
The NUTRILOCK coating is a special film coating made from plant cellulose. This coating makes the tablets smooth and easy to swallow. It also helps protect against moisture and helps guard the potency of the tablets.

FACT 2 - Made with our legacy botanicals – Parsley, Watercress and Alfalfa*.
Did you know that parsley, watercress and alfalfa were the first plants to be successfully cultivated and used in our NUTRILITE products?*

FACT 3 - Convenient one tablet a day dose.
Each NUTRIWAY tablet contains 12 essential vitamins and 11 minerals including iron, zinc and vitamin A, B, C and E to help fill daily nutritional gaps.