What is studioIBO?

studioIBO is a new digital platform open to all IBOs that marks the beginning of a new era in training and education at Amway.

We understand that building and growing your business is not simple even for the most experienced business leaders, so studioIBO has been created to help you develop the skills and knowledge you need for success.

It’s a sophisticated digital training platform that’s easy to navigate and is accessible from any digital device, whether it’s your PC, your tablet or your mobile phone.

studioIBO is populated with extensive eLearning content featuring engaging videos, fun animations as well as quick informative articles and slideshows. You can easily search content, bookmark your favourite articles, collect badges and even share on social media with your group.

What will I see in studio IBO?

The content in studioIBO is divided into four categories – Sponsor, Develop, Manage and Nurture.  Each category contains pathways made up of a variety of articles, leader interviews, animations and slide shows with new content added every month!

Sponsor – To bring people into the business. This category includes subjects such as Business planning, Active listening, Identifying Prospects and Building Trust and Rapport.

Develop – Personal and Team development. This category includes subjects such as My Personal Goals, Motivating My Team and Resilience.

Manage – Business development. This category includes subjects such as My life in balance, managing my time and priorities and my productivity.

Nurture – Community, Relationships and Recognition. This category includes subjects such as Rewarding and Recognising My Team, My Productivity and Crucial Conversations