How You Make Money


With Amway, you buy products at wholesale prices and sell them at retail prices. The difference is yours to keep.

On top of the margin, you can earn additional bonuses, rewards and incentives based on your sales results.

If you sponsor other people to join Amway, you can be rewarded for helping them reach their sales goals.

Best of all, you are never on your own. Amway offers comprehensive support, training and advice to help your business succeed.

It is a proven business model that has generated success for millions of Independent Business Owners for over 50 years.

Nothing Compares

Amway produces some of the most respected, award-winning, best-selling brands globally, grown and produced in an environmentally responsible way.

We have more than 900 scientists, engineers and technicians worldwide and 1000 patents with 800 pending.

We confidently back our products with a 90 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Zac is back to show you why Nothing Compares to Amway products.


Since 1959, Amway has paid over $US 47 billion in bonuses and incentives to business owners – more than any other business in the direct sales industry. And that doesn’t include retail profit.

These payments are made in addition to the retail margin earned by IBOs.

The system is simple and fair. It rewards personal effort and team success.

To understand how it all works, check out the video and let Zac show you how it’s done.