Check out our Customer Favourites – a handpicked selection of products that are fun and easy to try and share, making them the perfect door openers into Amway to help grow your business.

What will your My Fave product be?


Find Your Faves

Try the Customer Favourite products and find your Faves. Whether you’re into health and fitness, a clean home or looking your best, there’s a product to help you live your best life.

Need more info? We’ve got some great Conversation Cards, product videos and eLearning courses coming to help you learn more about these high-quality Amway products, in-person and online!


Find Your Customers

Once you’ve discovered your Fave products, share them with friends, family and on social media. Why social media? Social media is a great way to share your Fave products with your online community.

There will also be some great value offers on the customer favourite products, including a My Faves customer pack and in September an online sample shop will launch on our Amway website with a range of samples, bags and interactive swingtags so you can create a personalised sample pack to share with new customers to introduce them to our products and help them find their Faves!


Find Your Tribe

Grow your social community by sharing great information about your favourite products. Our online content library is coming soon and will be filled with ready-to-share content to help your customers stay engaged.

Also, don’t forget the “Switch, Share, Duplicate” app, which is a great tool to help you grow your business by showing your customers how they can make income as an Amway Independent Business Owner. Now that they’ve tried our great products, they might be interested to earn some extra cash by sharing their Faves with others, just like you!