Section 1 – Introduction

The Rules of Conduct (“Rules”) define and establish:

  1. Principles to be followed in the conduct of an Amway Business.
  2. The rights, duties, and responsibilities of each Independent Business Owner (IBO).

The Terms and Conditions of this relationship are set forth in:
  1. The Amway IBO Contract and each renewal application;
  2. These Rules of Conduct; and
  3. Other official Amway literature, publication, notification or communications

While the Rules primarily define relationships between Amway and IBOs, they also concern relationships among IBOs. Its objectives are to:
(a) ensure an equal opportunity for IBOs through ethical and responsible business conduct;
(b) To protect and build a conducive environment for a long-term and profitable Amway business;
(c) To promote unity and harmony among IBOs; and
(d) To preserve the benefits of the Amway Sales and Marketing Plan equitably for all IBOs.

From time to time, the contents of these documents are changed. Amway will notify the IBO leadership of such changes. Upon final notification by Amway with respect to those changes presented to the IBO leadership, such changes will be communicated to all IBOs in a timely manner on the Amway’s Primary website at or and other official Amway communications and literature, and shall become effective upon publication. In order to preserve the goals and purposes of the Amway Sales and Marketing Plan, Amway reserves to itself the sole right to adopt, amend, modify, supplement or rescind any or all of these Rules as necessary.

The preamble before each Section is designed to provide Amway Independent Business owners and prospects with a summary of their rights and obligations as IBOs. IBOs should read and understand the Rules and Policies which form the substance of their conduct with Amway.