4 tips for shiny, healthy hair in winter

Document Date Posted: 20/01/2021-02:06AM

Your hair is one of the most exposed parts of your body, to sun, heat, cold and rain. We lust after gorgeous locks and know that it takes time, money and a good diet to get shiny, healthy hair.

In winter hair tends to get brittle and dry because of the cold, hair dryers and straighteners. Follow these four tips to care for your hair this winter.

Rinse hair with cool water
Notice how dry your hair becomes after those long, hot showers? Heat can damage the surface of your hair causing split ends. Experts say a cool rinse for just 5 seconds can help seal the hair cuticle. Use the cool setting on your dryer or let hair air-dry naturally at home. Avoid going out into the cold with wet or damp hair because your hair will get drier.

Deep condition
Hair turns dry because of a lack of moisture. Ensure you get regular hot oil treatments for both your scalp and hair. The natural oils will restore moisture back into your locks. A good oil to use is coconut oil which is easily absorbed into the hair. Alternatively, apply a deep conditioning hair masque once or twice a month. Use SATINIQUE Revitalizing Mask or SATINIQUE Overnight Repair Treatment for a more intensive treatment.

Eat a balanced diet
Just as poor sleep can leave your skin looking pale, an unbalanced diet can lead to poor hair health. Eat foods rich in Omega-3 like salmon, eggs, tuna, sardines or chia and flax seed oils. Fish oil supplements and spirulina can also help boost healthy hair growth. Try the NUTRIWAY Complex for Hair, Skin and Nails which contains antioxidants and amino acids to promote healthy skin and hair.

Raise your iron levels by eating foods rich in iron such as spinach, broccoli and Swiss chard. Too little Vitamin C can lead to hair breakages and low iron levels can lead to hair loss in women. You can also try supplements rich in Iron and Vitamin C such NUTRIWAY Vitamin C Plus Extended Release

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, don’t neglect your exercise in winter and make sure you get enough sleep.

Cover hair
A great way to ensure your hair stays in good condition is to protect it from the elements by covering up. Wear a hat or a beanie when spending time outdoors. To protect your hair from static wrap hair in a silk scarf, add a beanie and whip it off when you get to your destination.


Author: Team Amway