Australian Unity


Australian Unity is one of Australia’s leading private health insurers and now, when you join them, you can boost your business as well as cover your health! you’ll also enjoy the perks of having health cover that’s tailored to you.

Here’s just a taste of the perks that come with Australian Unity health cover:

  • No Gap Dental Network: enjoy having no out-of-pocket costs for selected preventative treatment, such as your regular check-up, when you visit a No Gap Dentist.1
  • Don’t re-serve completed waiting periods if you switch to a similar level of cover within 30 days from leaving your old Fund
  • No hospital excess on selected covers for kids.
  • Provider choice without reducing how much you get back2
  • Access to Australian Unity’s health support programs1

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1. Available on selected covers.
2. Provider recognition conditions apply. For details call Australian Unity on 1800 224 244. Excludes No-Gap Dental.