Australian Unity


Established in 1840, Australian Unity is Australia's first member-owned wellbeing company, delivering health, wealth and living services.

They’re here to keep you physically and mentally healthy—no matter where you’re at in life, what you’re doing or what you’re up against.


Find the right health insurance for you

From singles to families and everything in between, Australian Unity can help you find the cover that meets your needs and your budget.

  • Young and healthy?
    You're probably looking for a basic level of cover that includes things like dental and physio.
  • Planning on starting a family?
    You're going to want to look at hospital cover that includes pregnancy, and possibly also fertility treatments and a private midwife.
  • Caring for an established family?
    You're looking for a good level of hospital and extras cover to protect your family and can usually save a bit of money by dropping the pregnancy cover.
  • Not as young as you used to be?
    In addition to good hospital cover and great dental cover, you're likely also looking for services to help manage your health.

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