1. Payment/Non Payment: All payments under deferred payment arrangements must be paid on or before the due date. Any default on a payment will represent a breach of the Rules of Conduct and of the deferred payment agreement. In case of default all deferred payments will become immediately due and payable and a debtor’s capacity to trade with Amway may be suspended.
  2. Misrepresentation/Nondisclosure: Any misrepresentation or nondisclosure in an application for terms payment arrangements will render the application void and the full amount payable.
  3. Cancellation/Returns/Refunds: Any cancellation or return of product other than for exchange or quality purposes will be subject to deduction of 5% freight and 5% handling charges, recovery of bonuses or other commission payments and rework of PV/BV through the line of sponsorship.
  4. Credit Reference Enquiry: You agree that Amway may obtain a credit report about you from a credit reporting agency to assess your application for commercial credit under this instalment plan.
  5. Debt Recovery Cost: In any case of default Amway reserves the right to recover any reasonable costs incurred in recovering the debt from you.
  6. Credit Card Expiry: If you have undertaken to pay terms instalments by credit card Amway will endeavour to contact you prior to expiry of the card, however, it is your responsibility to ensure that your credit card remains current and available during the period of instalment deductions.
  7. Notification of Default: Given that any non payment or return of product will have an effect within the line of sponsorship Amway reserves the right to notify your Up-line that a default has occurred, the amount of the default and that PV/BV will be deducted from the line of sponsorship.
  8. Future Purchases: An indebted IBO who is in default may not be permitted to place orders or to pay by credit card unless the full amount outstanding is paid; any payments to Amway by an indebted IBO may be applied at Amway's discretion against any outstanding debt.
  9. Bonus Payments: Amway reserves the right to apply any bonus payments or returned merchandise credits directly against any outstanding indebtedness.
  10. Future Recovery Action: Should indebtedness not be cleared Amway may refer the matter to a Collection Agency for recovery action. The indebted IBO may be liable for any costs associated with recovery.
  11. Consequences of Default: At its discretion Amway reserves the right to withhold qualification for incentive payments, invitations to events and seminars and to revoke IBO qualifications.