Sponsor's Responsibilities

Sponsor's Responsibilities

AMWAY provides opportunities for Independent Business Owners (IBOs) to become sponsors, mentors and leaders. But with this opportunity comes responsibility.By sponsoring others and helping them, you will influence the success of their business and multiply your own efforts and achievements.

When you sponsor new IBOs, those people have expectations about the level of support they should receive as they, in turn, seek to build their futures with AMWAY.

Section 4 of the Rules of Conduct outline the responsibilities that each sponsor undertakes when they bring a new IBO into the business. The fulfilment of these responsibilities can be the difference between a new IBO staying and productively working in the business, or leaving with their aspirations unfulfilled.

In summary, the Rules require sponsors to:

  • forward the applicant's application immediately to AMWAY;
  • regularly train and motivate IBOs;
  • where required, deal with product orders, bonuses and returns in a prompt and efficient manner;
  • use their best endeavours to ensure Rules compliance by members of the group;
  • in any qualifying month, achieve the minimum performance bonus schedule requirement of 50PV. This must be derived from personal activity;
  • encourage their personal group to carefully read and make use of AMWAY updates and publications, and encourage their group to attend Amway functions;
  • encourage their personal group to work with and cooperate with AMWAY staff;
  • ensure that IBOs are aware of their responsibilities under the Rules of Conduct.

"Responsibilities of a sponsor" are some of the critical elements in ensuring that every IBO has an equal opportunity to prosper in the AMWAY business. They are also important indicators that a sponsor is "active" in their leadership role.


Along with this, it’s important to remember that invitations to Amway business seminars are offered at the discretion of Amway. Key criteria are that an IBO is active, fulfilling the responsibilities of a sponsor and is in compliance with the Rules of Conduct.



Section 5 of the Rules of Conduct outline the responsibilities that a Platinum IBO is expected to uphold and adhere to. It is understood that a Platinum leader receives increased financial rewards in return for greater responsibility within their personal group and direct downline.


Platinum qualification is a significant achievement and is the first level of recognised leadership in the AMWAY business. As a recognised leader, it is important to ensure that all personal downline IBOs comply with the Rules of Conduct and are up to date on any directions issued by AMWAY.


AMWAY, and IBOs contracted to AMWAY, have demonstrated global success over decades based upon the combination of state of the art products, a proven Sales and Marketing Plan and an unsurpassed leadership team. It is the commitment to each of these elements, and to compliance with the Rules of Conduct, that will provide the blueprint for future success.