NUTRIWAY® Glucosamine HCI with Boswellia provides a natural source of glucosamine that comes from shrimp and crab shells. The ingredients found in this product have been combined into one convenient supplement to promote healthy connective tissues and overall joint comfort. It may also reduce symptoms of sports injury by repairing damaged cartilage.

FACT 1 - Did you know that there are no good food sources of Glucosamine available?1 
The Glucosamine used in NUTRIWAY® Glucosamine HCI With Boswellia is sourced from shrimp and crab shells2 which are naturally high in Glucosamine.

FACT 2 - Helps to support joint mobility.2-3
Did you know 15.3% of Australians live with Arthritis?4 Taking a supplement containing Glucosamine and Boswellia may help reduce joint swelling associated with arthritis.2-3

FACT 3 - Did you know the body’s capacity to synthesise glucosamine declines with age?4

NUTRIWAY® Glucosamine HCI With Boswellia can help to increase your bodies glucosamine levels, with each daily dose providing you with 1500mg of Glucosamine.


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