Why Energise, Hydrate & Recharge?

The energise range is all about preparing and energising your body for the activity ahead to support sustained energy and increased endurance to help avoid the post workout low.
Energise with:

Did you know that three quarters of the muscles that play an important role in physical performance are made up of water*? The hydrate category supports balanced hydration and electrolyte levels to help you start and finish your workout well hydrated.
Hydrate with:

  • NEW XS™ Sports Nutrition Hydrate product launching in 2018.

Once you have completed your exercise regime, it is important to recharge your body to help support lean muscle growth and accelerate repair so you can bounce back into your next workout quicker.
Recharge with:

By energising, hydrating and recharging your body with XS Sports Nutrition you can help to support your body to achieve your performance goals and get more out of your workout regime. Start now to xsperience more!

To get started it is important to have an understanding of the sports nutrition basics which include hydration, carbohydrates and protein.