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Harpreet Cheema

The story behind Harpreet Cheema’s rewarding career as an Amway Business Owner stemmed from a simple desire to pursue a certain quality of life. One in which she and her family were afforded the time to enjoy the fruits of their success without having to work 24/7.

With this hope now realised, Harpreet looks back at her introduction to Amway as the turning point in her life.

“Someone introduced me to the Amway Business Plan while I was in search of good skincare for my beauty salon,” Harpreet said.

“I saw the product line and straight away fall in love with ARTISTRY and the Amway catalogue gave me an idea how amazing and authentic the other products are as well. Living a quality life has always been my top priority and when I found out we can build this business by just using quality products and sharing our experience with others, it was a no brainer to say ‘YES’. Next thing I know I am a brand-new Amway business owner!”

After migrating to Australia in 2006 and starting a family with her husband not long after, Harpreet’s life soon became all consumed by raising her two children while working full time – even starting her own beauty business at home. It was at this point she realised there had to be more to life than working around the clock to be successful.

“The Amway business is designed to help people just like me, where I can work on my own flexible hours and few hours a week initially to start generating a side income,” Harpreet explained. “This business is not only providing me and my family with quality of life and great financial help, it’s also giving me an opportunity to help others who feel the same way where I was few years back. People who really want to change their lives and live their dream life.”

The someone who introduced Harpreet to Amway has now become a good friend as well as trusted coach and mentor. With her help and guidance, Harpreet has been able to build her Amway business outside her regular work hours to a point where it’s no longer just her side hustle.

“I am excited to share this that soon I will be saying ‘Goodbye’ to my part time job and focusing on my beauty business only,” she said.

“The Amway business is great sense of accomplishment for me when I see my life happy, healthy and fulfilled with my family.”


Amol Sachdeva

A corporate 9-5 job was not enough for Amol Sachdeva. He wanted more out of life and his livelihood.

After three years as an Amway Business Owner, Amol hasn’t looked back. Despite his success as an IT professional, his previous career just wasn’t fulfilling his life goals.

“I came to Australia for a better life and found myself caught in the 9-5 cycle, living comfortably but with no challenge,” Amol explained.

“I asked myself, ‘Is this what I need to do for rest of my life? Is this the maximum I can do?’ But then I was blessed through a common connection and I got introduced to the Amway Business.”

Becoming a business owner has given Amol a new set of goals in life and allowed him the freedom to pursue his aspirations, spend more time with his family and lead a healthier lifestyle.

“I would describe entrepreneurship as freedom to unleash the power within you,” he stated.

“Running my own Amway business has given me many opportunities and I’ve been able to achieve my business goals through effective mentorship and coaching. If you share the same values and you’re looking to do something serious and massive in life, becoming an Amway Business owner will be your best decision.”

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