Ager Report

The Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report (AGER) 2018 is the eighth annual report conducted by Amway with the focus on understanding the entrepreneurship landscape globally and by country. The study was conducted on a sample of 48,998 men and women in 44 countries. 

The AGER 2018 provides key findings, trends and insight on the topic of Entrepreneurship, particularly on “What Drives the Entrepreneurial Spirit”. This year’s report fittingly examined what people believe will help them be successful as entrepreneurs and the type of business they could envision starting.

Amway is leading the way in entrepreneurship by understanding the attitudes, desires and fears around entrepreneurship, and using this information to build a more entrepreneur-friendly world. This is increasingly important as the work environment is continually changing, with more employees leaving the traditional workplace and pursuing entrepreneurial career paths.

“Gaining a greater understanding of why people decide for or against owning a business and what kind of businesses are most appealing is helpful for effectively fostering a world of entrepreneurs,” said Amway Co-chair Doug DeVos.
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