Flawless full coverage foundation

Document Date Posted: 03/05/2022-02:51AM

Flawless full coverage foundation

Everyone wants flawless looking skin, so we rely on the help of our favourite ARTISTRY products to get us there. Perfect makeup starts with a perfect base. The way you apply your foundation and what products you use is vital to achieve flawless looking skin.

Here are a few simple steps on how to create the perfect base with flawless full coverage foundation.

Prep, Correct, and Prime

Never forget to prepare the canvas you are about to begin a masterpiece on. It is important before you apply your makeup to make sure you have completed your favourite ARTISTY™ skincare regime. Any kind of foundation can look uneven and flaky if applied to dry skin, so moisturising your skin is a crucial part of achieving flawless looking skin. Wait a few minutes after applying your moisturiser before you start your foundation routine to allow your skin to soak in the moisture.

To even out skin tone and reduce the look of redness, apply the ARTISTRY™ Ideal Radiance Illuminating CC Cream. The Illuminating CC Cream will also prime your skin by helping to hydrate your skin and will allow your foundation to glide on for a more even application while helping to extend the wear of your foundation.

Foundation Time

For a flawless full coverage look, use an ARTISTRY liquid foundation matched to your skin. Apply a small amount of foundation to the back of your hand and using a flat foundation brush begin applying foundation after dotting the foundation on the different areas of your face (nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin). Starting from your nose and proceeding outwards, use your brush to blend in your foundation. Be sure to apply a small amount of foundation on your neck and blend to make sure your face and neck colour match.

Covering Up

Using a flat small brush, apply the  ARTISTRY™ Concealer in your chosen shade under your eyes where your may have any dark circles and on any blemishes then blend in to your foundation. When you apply concealer after applying your foundation, you will not need to use as much concealer. If you apply concealer first a lot of this will be removed whilst applying foundation.

Lock it In

Keep your foundation in place by setting it with the ARTISTRY™ Exact Fit Pressed Powder. This will help make sure that your face stays flawless all day. Apply the ARTISRTY™ Exact Fit Pressed powder with a large fluffy brush all over your face. If you have used concealer under your eyes to hide dark circles, always make sure your set this with your pressed powder to avoid any unwanted creasing.