Why you should switch to vegan skincare products

Document Date Posted: 06/04/2021-03:35AM

It’s better for your skin and the planet

The rise of veganism and ethical consumers

As celebrities and social media influencers like Natalie Portman and artist Lizzo turn to veganism, public interest is on the rise.

Worldwide, there’s a massive trend from consumers who are now demanding transparency. Customers are looking for skincare products that are clean and ethically produced. They are seeking products that are not tested on animas and do not contain animal derived ingredients

Vegan food products are increasing in supermarket aisles, and so are the number of companies offering vegan choices.

What do these terms mean when it comes to choosing your skin care products or makeup? And why should you switch to vegan skincare products?

What is vegan skincare?

Vegan skincare products and vegan makeup don’t use any animal-derived or harmful ingredients. Instead, ingredients are derived from plants and minerals.

Vegan products do not use ingredients that are manufactured or developed in ways that harm or kill animals. The products aren’t tested on animals either.

So, if you want products that don’t have animal ingredients or tested on animals, then vegan products are for you.

Is vegan skincare better for your skin and health?

In Australia, vegan skincare products have three different kinds of certifications with logos to show their vegan status:

  • PETA certified cruelty-free or cruelty-free and vegan logo
  • Vegan Society certification shown using a sunflower logo
  • Choose cruelty-free (CCF) shown by a bunny logo

Products containing any of these logos mean they are free from animal ingredients and/or cross- contamination with animal ingredients.

However, if the product packaging only has statements like ‘cruelty-free’ or ‘no animal testing’ without these logos, it doesn’t mean that the manufacturer has complied with vegan requirements.

How to choose the right vegan skincare products for your skin type

Here are some steps to follow when choosing vegan skincare products for your skin:

Know your skin type and common problems

The first step in buying the right skin care product for you is to know your skin type. Do you have oily, combination, dry or skin that’s prone to acne? Get your skin analysed by a skincare professional so you can confidently buy the right products.

Like conventional skincare products, vegan skincare is customised to different skin types. Don’t follow what suits others especially what you see on social media. What suits an influencer or celebrity might not be the right product for you.

Do your research and read Google or product reviews to see what other people have experienced.

Read product ingredient labels

Check the ingredient list on the product labels to make sure they don’t have common animal-derived ingredients like beeswax or lanolin.

Many websites also list the product ingredients on their product pages. Check for vegan certifications and logos to ensure the products are certified by an independent third party.

Look for ‘green’ companies and ethical brand values

Companies that have shown to be ethical and follow green practices for years are likely to have products that are free from animal ingredients or cruelty-free - even if they may not have the right certifications just yet.

So, if you love your current skincare brands and want to make doubly sure they don’t test on animals, check out their websites for their green and ethical practices, or call their hotline for more information.

Vegan is the future

Experts have predicted that vegan skincare and food products are the future - especially given the rise of veganism and ethical consumerism among millennials.

If you’re not quite ready to switch to vegan skincare products yet but want to reduce your carbon footprint, here are some tried-and-tested tips:

  • Recycle your packaging and waste where possible and opt for shopping bags made from recycled materials
  • Check for animal-derived ingredients like beeswax, lanolin, keratin, hyaluronic acid - when in doubt check with your skincare brand
  • Choose food products with vegan/cruelty-free/PETA certifications
  • Be conscious about buying unnecessary things - reduce, reuse and recycle where possible
  • Choose to buy organic products or in their natural forms
  • Opt for homemade gifts for friends and family


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