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Document Date Posted: 03/08/2022-12:51AM

It’s understandable that many of us are seeing a shift in our priorities. Our health, fitness and energy levels are more important to us now than ever, as is taking a moment every now-and-then for a moment of self-care. The problem is, despite our best efforts, life often gets in the way and packed schedules, never-ending to-do lists and various family and professional commitments can sometimes leave us feeling like there is little time to look after ourselves properly.

Just like us, our customers want simple, convenient and rewarding solutions but, as the wealth of healthy lifestyle products becomes greater, the harder it can be to make the right choices. This is all set to change with the arrival of Amway™ Most Loved. A collection of products that are a mix of best-sellers and Amway staff favourites, that help our customers achieve their healthy lifestyle goals.

Making it easier to make the right choices

Essentially, Amway Most Loved is a great place to start when it comes to matching your customer with products they are likely to love. Following extensive research, Amway Experts, with input from our IBO Leaders, were able to create a mix of best-sellers and Amway staff favourites. Products have been selected from across all business lines so you can be confident you can recommend products sure to satisfy your customer’s needs. From immunity-boosting Nutriway™ Vitamin C food supplement and skin-enhancing Artistry Intensive Skincare Advanced Vitamin C & HA Treatment, each product has been chosen because it delivers what our customers want.

Most Loved products that satisfy a need

Our goal is to empower our customers in their healthy lifestyles and equip them with the products that will help them now and long into the future. By creating a bundle of Amway Most Loved products, you can go further in your recommendations than before by introducing complementary products.

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