Email Confidentiality

Many of the emails and other communications drafted or forwarded by AMWAY staff deal with matters or information which is confidential to AMWAY and to Amway IBOs. All IBOs have a responsibility to ensure that the confidentiality of this material is maintained. Please carefully read our confidentiality disclaimer below, which you can find attached on all email communications from Amway.

“The email and any attachments you received may contain confidential information and is only intended for the individual named. If you are not the named addressee, you must not use, disclose, distribute or reply on this email. If you received an email in error, please delete it from your system and notify Amway by return email or telephone as soon as possible. Any views expressed in the email communication are those of the individual sender unless the sender states otherwise. Any views or opinion expressed are solely those of the author and not necessarily the views of Amway. Whilst all communications sent by Amway are believed to be virus free, Amway accepts no liability for any loss or damage caused by a virus that may be transmitted via email.”

If you require further verification, please contact AMWAY of Australia on 1800 45 46 47 or write to us at Level 3, 7-9 Irvine Place Bella Vista NSW 2153.