Social media is a great way to stay connected and in contact with your downline and clients. Social media includes social networking sites, microblogs, video/photo sharing sites, podcasts, weblogs, forums, discussion boards, and online encyclopaedias.


It is important to remember that social media is an addition to other forms of contact, such as face-to-face. It is not a mechanism to publicly find new prospects, or to openly market and sell products.


When using any form of social media, you must ensure that your account settings are set to private so only your friends and family can see your full profile and any status updates. Information that can be displayed openly to the public includes your name (or business name), your profile picture, that you are an Amway IBO, and general information about yourself, such as hobbies and interests. All other information, including your contact information, must be set on private. The reason for this is to ensure that you are forming meaningful, direct relationships with prospects and clients.


Status updates about specific topics should only be visible to selected groups in your friends lists. For example, any information about special product offers from AMWAY should only be accessible to your existing Amway customers. Often you can create these ‘groups’ within the settings section of the social media platform you are using, and you can choose to share specific updates with these people only.

At all times, status updates should be kept as general as possible. You cannot openly call for prospects, or make any updates that directly advertise or sell the Amway business opportunity, Amway products or deals.


What this means is that IBOs cannot advertise products for sale, or promote the business opportunity via social media. Rather, we encourage you to talk about your experiences with the products and the Amway business to spike curiosity in your followers. For example, rather than posting “I have some great Artistry® make-up for sale, contact me if you would like to try some” - instead post something like, “I love my new makeup, Artistry® has done wonders for my skin!”


Social Media do’s:

  • DO set your account settings to private so only your friends, family, and followers can view your page.
  • DO disclose that you are an IBO on the home page of your website.
  • DO seek permission from us if you want to use any of Amway’s registered images or videos. To ask for permission, send AMWAY a simple email with your request The same applies for any images used that are not your own – you must seek permission from the owner before posting it to your site.
  • DO use the correct trade marks and Amway logos. For assistance, contact the Legal team on (02) 9854 8100.
  • DO seek permission from us before posting any income depictions, or business opportunity representations.
  • DO make sure that all claims about the Amway business, the business opportunity, and any products, are truthful and accurate. Take a look on our official Amway Australia website, or our products’ official websites, to clarify the legitimacy of any claims you wish to make.
  • DO take all potential sales to private messaging or inbox. All sales of both the products and the business opportunity must be out of the public eye.
  • DO keep the information you’re putting on your sites simple and accurate. Readers are turned off by too much exaggeration and hype.
  • DO disclose any financial compensation you may have received in exchange for testimonials.

Social Media don’ts:

  • DON’T use any AMWAY names or our registered trademarks when naming your website. For example, don’t name your page “John’s Nutriway® Store”.
  • DON’T send any spam messages to your connected friends and family unless you have the recipient’s consent to do so. Spamming includes emails, text messages, and junk email.
  • DON’T use social media as a platform to dispute with cross-line.
  • DON’T use your status updates to openly prospect, or to make a sale.
  • DON’T use language that makes any sort of guarantees, especially in representations of income.
  • DON’T advertise any third party books that are written by another IBO, any book that is about Amway specifically or about the direct selling business environment, or about any products we offer, unless these books have been approved by AMWAY.
  • DON’T use any of your own videos or audios until it has been reviewed and authorised by Amway first.This is to ensure any misrepresentations are removed, and to limit liability.



In addition to the rules of Social Media, there are a few further policies when it comes to setting up your website. All websites must be submitted and reviewed by AMWAY before making it available online.


There a few different types of sites you can have:

  • Personal Home Page: Your website can have an opening page that can be accessed and viewed by anyone. This page may contain information about your name and location, a photograph of yourself, your hobbies, interests, downline IBOs and Clients, and your Amway achievement level. Remember, all other contact details need to be password protected.
  • Prospecting Site: A prospecting site is designed to interest potential IBOs into the business opportunity. This site must be password protected and must contain, somewhere prominent on the page, a link to the Amway home page. It can include information such as the benefits of becoming an IBO, accurate and reliable information about any economic trends or relevant business news, appropriate outbound links, and general information about any System you are a part of (participation in this System must be presented as optional).
  • Product Sales Site: A product sales site is designed to sell Amway products, and/or the business opportunity. This site must be password protected and must contain a link to the Amway home page. This page can include information such as; current AMWAY of Australia product information, on-line forms and processing of orders, and product promotion information provided by AMWAY.

Behind password protection, your site can include information about the Amway business opportunity and Amway distributed products, any System information you want to include (such as any upcoming functions or CDs you may recommend – but this must be presented as optional), the benefits if becoming an IBO, and order forms.


It is important to note that you cannot sell products to customers outside Australia or New Zealand. You must direct any international buyers to purchase the desired Amway product through their home market. You must also distinguish to your customers that as an IBO, these products are not being ordered directly through AMWAY.


Website do’s:

  • DO submit your website to us for review before making it available online. This is a requirement under the Rules of Conduct.
  • DO seek permission from us before using our registered trademarks, trade names, service marks, and imagery on your sites.
  • DO remember that you are responsible for all security issues on your site. Make sure that secure payment mechanisms are in place and information is provided on the level of security these mechanisms give.
  • DO only give out passwords to friends, family, prospective IBOs or clients in face-to-face or other one-on-one environments. IBOs are prohibited from publicly broadcasting, in any manner, the website passwords to the public.
  • DO take all potential sales to private messaging or inbox. This is reiterating the same rule that you saw in our Social Media section. All sales of both the products and the business opportunity must be out of the public eye.
  • DO make sure that your website complies with the Rules of Conduct and Amway’s privacy policy.

Website don’ts:

  • DON’T use any Amway names or registered trademarks in your website, or email, addresses. For example,
  • DON’T use any misleading or deceptive names when naming your website, or email address. For example,, or
  • DON’T use metatags. (A metatag helps to ensure that your website appears at the top of the results list on a search engine)
  • DON’T use your Personal Home Page to sell products or advertise the business opportunity.
  • DON’T give out the password to your protected sites unless you are in a one-on-one environment with the customer.

For more information, please see section 14 of the Rules of Conduct for IBOs and the AMWAY Social Media Guidelines page.