The ARTISTRY® brand was born out of a love for beauty and a love for healthy well-being. It was founded by Edith Rehnborg, a trailblazer for entrepreneurial women, and her husband, Carl Rehnborg, the founder of the Nutrilite™ brand. Combining the best of beauty, science and nutrition, they offered a ground-breaking holistic approach to beauty.

A world-adventurer, Edith was inspired by the unique beauty of women around the globe, and built the ARTISTRY brand around an empowering philosophy: “Each woman is an individual like no other, a self-made work of art.” Her mission was to provide skincare, makeup and beauty solutions that worked for each woman’s specific needs, so every woman could discover, own and celebrate her individual beauty.


We believe that beauty is alive, energising and uplifting. It’s your skin breathing in the joy of living a healthy, balanced life with a deep-down sense of well-being. That’s why we create products that bring together the best of science and nature, with personalised solutions just for you.


Starting with our Nutrilite organic farms, we go to the ends of the earth to curate only the most powerful, pure ingredients from nature. To pass our test for the best, they have to be packed with proven benefits and deliver the most amazing results.


The ARTISTRY brand is science at its ultimate. Our technologies break beauty boundaries, create revolutions in skincare. It’s all in the way ARTISTRY scientists exclusively and powerfully combine the right ingredients, in the precise amounts, with formulations that raise the bar when it comes to absolute effectiveness. Turning promises into clinical proof, backed by:

  • Over 50 years of research in skin health
  • NASA technology to measure the depth and length of a wrinkle, then test the efficacy of our products to reduce the appearance of its size
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

And we never stop testing and refining our products until they pass rigorous safety tests and produce profound “seeing-is-believing” proof. Because the more research…the more breakthroughs…the more you’ll love your skin.


Our personal point of view about everything we do is YOU first. By analysing over 32,000 faces from all over the world, we’ve seen it, we know it, and we’re armed to create the personalised solutions with skincare and makeup products you can count on for your one-of-a-kind beauty. So you can become your own, self-made work of art.


You are the heartbeat of the ARTISTRY brand – the entrepreneurs and community leaders, the lovers of beauty and well-being, as much as we are. You are the living-breathing proof that ARTISTRY products truly work, as you put your best face forward every day, making all your face-times with the world even more beautiful.

Our mission is to empower you to share your passion for the ARTISTRY brand, recommending the products with 100% confidence and expertise. And to give you the tools you need to become a trusted “Beauty & Well-Being Guide” for your friends, family and beyond.

We sift through all the info and clutter, track down the trends, invent the new and never before, so you’ll always be out front and ahead of the beauty and wellness curve. Drawing on our exclusive expertise in both beauty and nutrition, we create holistic, inner and outer solutions that you can precisely curate and personalise, one-on-one, for that individual’s unique needs. So together, we can encourage and empower one another to live our lives fulfilled with balance and beauty, harmony and health.

How beautiful is that?


Find your ideal personal skincare regimen to achieve your most beautiful skin in this decade and the next.



An artist-inspired range of colours, shades you can trust and colours you can’t wait to try.