A consultation with one of our qualified consultants is a fantastic way of ensuring that you getting the most out of NUTRIWAY and ARTISTRY.

Our degree qualified naturopaths offer a range of consultations designed to help you reach your health goals. These one on one consultations help our naturopaths develop a health plan combining diet, lifestyle and of course NUTRIWAY supplementation.

Through a range of consultations our Beauty Consultants are here to help you with your beauty needs. Whether skincare or colour, our consultants will ensure that you have everything you need to get the most from our ARTISTRY range.

Booking a consultation has never been easier. Simply select the business centre and brand below and start the process of booking your one-on-one consultation.

Our goal is to help you with your own requirements but to also help you build your business with NUTRIWAY and ARTISTRY.


Beauty Consultant

Beauty Therapist Leigh Maxwell

Leigh Maxwell is an internationally trained Beauty Therapist and Makeup Artist. Her experience has included work in Australia, Europe, Middle East, India and Canada. Her 25 years of experience includes as a Trainer and educator in Beauty schools, Beauty Salon, Spas and Department Stores. Leigh is passionate about skin health and helping others grow their business and become a more beautiful you.

Leigh is available for consultations from Tuesday to Saturday. To book a consultation with her please visit the Sydney Business Centre page of the Amway Australia website or phone 9854 8195

Health and Wellness Consultant


Belinda is a qualified Herbalist, Nutritionist and Health Coach with 5 years’ experience in Pharmacy, Private Clinic and Health Food stores. Belinda has a special interest in stress and anxiety which ultimately underpins and exacerbates a majority of health conditions including hormonal imbalances, digestive complaints, weight issues and general inflammatory states.

Belinda is available for consultations
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday


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