iCook Accessories - Available for a limited time only!

iCook® 5 Piece Knife Set

The iCook® Knife Set is a great addition for any busy kitchen. Comfortable to use, the forged steel blades of the 5-Piece Knife Set combine strength with balance. The top of the bolster is curved, allowing the user to grip the knife effectively and the handles have a specifically designed curvature on the underside to give the user added control.


iCook® Multi-Purpose Shears

The iCook Multi-Purpose Shears are made of premium forged, German stainless steel with ergonomically designed handles allowing for a more comfortable and secure grip. These versatile shears also offer 10 various functions from cutting, nut cracker, cap twister, bottle opener, magnet, lever, screw driver, wire cutter, wire stripper and chicken bone cutter.


iCooK® Knifeware & Shears Sharpener

Maintain the quality and performance of the iCook® cookware knives and shears with the iCook Sharpener. The durable and comfortable design includes base pads to help prevent slipping when in use and folds away for easy storage.