iCook® Quick Facts

Transform your kitchen experience with a life time of superior cooking performance. You deserve the best!

  • Exclusive VITALOK cooking method which retains one-third more nutrients and flavour.
  • Unique multi-ply construction features high grade surgical steel and a fully encapsulated OPTITEMP aluminium base.
  • Patent-pending, ergonomic design.
  • Unique features help to cook food naturally for a higher nutritional return.
  • Vastly improved heat conductivity and distribution for quick cooking over medium to low temperatures, saving time and energy.
  • A carefully planned system with advanced technology and thoughtful design.
  • A wide selection of exquisite, mirror-finished pots, pans and accessories.
  • Perfect for any cooktop, gas, electric, glass or ceramic.
  • Pans feature DURAMIC™, the toughest non-stick coating in the world.
  • Clever design for stack cooking entire meals on a single burner.