The next generation of DOUBLE X® features PhytoProtect™, a unique, patented phytonutrient blend derived from Rosemary, Turmeric and Fava d’Anta (quercetin) extracts. Combining these plants in a precise ratio provides a synergistic effect, giving them greater impact than each ingredient separately to support your body’s own antioxidant defence mechanism to help fight excess free radicals.

Once our NUTRIWAY® scientists understood which extracts would make up the PhytoProtect™ blend, they needed to find the highest quality sources. They searched for suppliers across the globe to find the best possible ingredients.

For Rosemary they travelled to the arid Atlas Mountain region in northern Morocco. Rosemary grows in many climates, but Rosemary plants from the Atlas Mountains face stressful conditions – extremes in temperature, exposure to intense sunlight and minimal rainfall. These conditions cause the plants to develop higher potencies of protective phytonutrients. The Rosemary is sustainably wild crafted – harvested from its natural or “wild” habitat.

They went to Nutricert™ certified organic farms in India and Cambodia to find the Turmeric in the PhytoProtect™ blend. These farms are small cooperatives with natural habitats and wildlife where the balance between predator and prey is maintained. Before planting, the Turmeric rhizomes, which are underground stems, undergo strict examination before being approved for cultivation. After harvest, the Turmeric is sun-dried to concentrate its potent phytonutrients.

Fava d’Anta (a rich source of quercetin)  in PhytoProtect™ blend is Nutricert™ certified and wild crafted in Brazil in the state of Cerrado, a tropical savanna eco-region, rich in plant and animal biodiversity. All of the harvesting follows strict governmental guidelines to maintain sustainability.

Is this product GMO free?

NUTRIWAY has always been committed to creating supplements with natural ingredients. That is why we are committed to being a non-GMO brand. Our products comply with and exceed global GMO labelling requirements.