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Your mouth is your body’s gateway, and a good oral care is a vital part of your overall health. When you brush, floss and rinse with Glister you’re preserving your body’s delicate balance.

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Healthy Smile. Happier You.

Everything you need for your family's oral-health routine.

Start your 3-step oral care routine with Glister today! Brush, floss and rinse twice a day to prevent cavities and maintain healthy teeth and gums!

Glister clean teeth and gums to supports the unique healthy balance of your oral microbiome.

Glister 3-Step Oral Care Routine

Glister Toothpaste


Dr. Ken Korman - 3 Step Routine

Dr. Ken Korman - Oral Care

A science-driven total oral care system

Each element of the Glister 3-step solution is clinically supported for helping to maintain healthy teeth and gums, and maintains the balance of your unique oral microbiome

Plant-Based Goodness

Formulas include plant - and naturally derived ingredients such as aloe and Nutrilite™- grown peppermint. Without alcohol, peroxide and animal-derived ingredients.

A Legacy of Confidence

Glister toothpaste is No. 1 selling Amway product with 55 years of heritage. Globally one Glister product is sold every second, for families to enjoy safe, gentle and effective oral care.1

1 Brush

Helps to protect and strengthen enamel by removing plaque by up to 86%2

2 Floss

Efficiently removes plaque between the teeth and below the gumline by 68%3

3 Rinse

Helps to remove 99.9%4 of the bacteria that cause bad breath left after brushing the teeth.

1. Based on 12 months units sold worldwide (Aug 2021-July 2022)
2. Based on Mechanical Cleaning Study results (2021-6 ORMED)
3. Based on Scientific Literature, Carr et al., 2000
4. Based on In Vitro Analysis. The in vitro testing results provide evidence that the mouthwash will likely have a strong clinical effect on gingivitis and bad breath.