Yearly Automatic Renewal

6.1 An application to join as an Amway IBO covers an IBO’s business until 31 December. By joining, all IBOs understand and acknowledge that their Independent Business will be automatically renewed each year.

6.2 Renewal is essential for IBOs to retain their right to service Clients, sponsor IBOs and buy products at wholesale prices. All IBOs will be automatically renewed and the relevant renewal fee charged against the stored credit card at renewal time each year.

6.3 An IBO can opt-out of auto-renewal at any time by updating their preference online or by calling 1800 45 46 47. If an IBO opts out of auto-renewal, they will need to manually renew their business each year at renewal time and pay the relevant renewal fee.

6.4 If an IBO wants to update their credit card details, they must go to “Update my Details” online, where they can store their credit card details for future renewals.

6.5 If you are an IBO that has opted-in for automatic renewal by credit card, Amway will endeavour to contact you prior to the expiry of the card. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that your credit card remains current and available during the period of renewal deductions.