Body Skin Challenges

G&H™ body care helps minimise the effects of the most common skin challenges. Cleansing and moisturising are key – in the morning and all day long – along with deodorant.

One of the most common problems for body skin is dehydration. Dry skin feels tight, taut, and uncomfortable. It may be itchy or feel irritated. Not drinking enough water, environmental factors like heat, cold or wind and age can all contribute to dry skin.

Use a G&H body lotion or milk after bathing or showering and Nourish+ Hand Cream throughout the day as desired. Try to use a soap that won’t strip away moisture as you clean such as G&H Protect Hand Soap or Bar Soap.


Many customers, especially women, regularly use facial skincare to improve their youthful appearance. But we may neglect our body skin — especially on the hands, neck, and chest area—which can have an effect on how young we look to the rest of the world. Nutrients and other nourishing ingredients are as vital for body skin as they are for facial skin.

Skincare shouldn’t stop at your chin, be sure to look after all of your skin in your skincare routine – head to toe. G&H formulas include effective, lasting moisturisers plus other good-for-your-skin ingredients.


Germs: We all know germs from other people and from food can easily be spread by hand-to-hand contact. Proper hand washing with soap and water is a proven way to minimise the spread—and the same goes for other areas as well.

Odour: A key function of skin is to help regulate body temperature by producing sweat. While sweat itself doesn't smell, natural odour-emitting bacteria can feed on it and multiply rapidly. The result? Body odour. Under the arms, this is usually caused by a specific type of sweat gland and the bacteria that flourish there. And when we enclose our feet and toes in shoes, the sweat can't evaporate, creating the perfect environment for bacteria and odour there.

Use a good soap or cleanser all over your body to minimise germs, protect skin, and reduce odour. All G&H bar soaps and cleansers remove impurities without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Our Protect+ Deodorant & Anti-Perspirant Roll-On provides 48-hour odour and wetness protection.