Eco-Sensitive Solutions

Caring for our world while we care for our skin.

G&H™ products are designed from the start to care for our environment as well as our skin. Our goal and commitment to sustainability is to advocate, educate, and innovate while finding a balance that benefits our customers, our business, and our planet.

Package Design

  • All bottles and cartons* are 100% recyclable through typical local recycling programs
  • Innovative bottle design uses less overall plastic per unit

Product Formulation

  • All G&H body cleansers and bar soaps are biodegradable
  • We formulated all G&H products without sulphates or anti-bacterial ingredients like triclosan—while maintaining their efficacy. Some reports suggest that these chemicals may be harmful to the skin and the environment, and that they may negatively affect air and water quality. We tested our triclosan-free soaps to make sure they are effective against impurities—and yes, they are
  • Certain products like the Concentrated Hand Soap and the Bar Soap offer further eco-sensitive innovations— the Bar Soap is even Rainforest Alliance Certified**
  • Whenever possible, renewable plant-derived sources are used for ingredients


  • G&H products are manufactured using 100% electricity off-set wind power*

100% of the electricity required to manufacture G&H products* is off-set by investment in sustainable wind power

*Applies to packaging materials produced in the USA by Amway.