G&H products deliver modern body care for the whole family.* We firmly believe in a holistic approach to achieve Naturally Balanced Skin, based on three principles:

1.Use Naturally Inspired Ingredients
Amway® scientists have Research & Development expertise, blending the best of nature with other scientifically advanced ingredients that are tested, tried, and true. And this rigorous responsibility we apply to a new level of gentle, safe and effective body care.

2. Leverage Skin Expertise
We know skin. We know families. And with our rich expertise and access to an international network of scientists, we provide a unique understanding of skin health and needs around the world.

3.Think Global
Across countries and continents, we are connected through our family and friends to yours. G&H products care for a diverse range of skin types to protect and promote soft, healthy-looking skin for one, for all. And it goes way beyond skin-deep: the G&H brand helps protect our environment and our future with eco-sensitive solutions every step of the way.

* G&H products are not recommended for use on infants.