From our research labs to your kitchen table, iCook® Cookware is guaranteed to deliver years of superb cooking performance. iCook’s superior quality cookware is made from premium grade surgical stainless steel crafted in a classically beautiful style. Its premium look and performance are a fantastic investment for any kitchen.

The iCook collection is a carefully planned system that is highly functional. The advanced technology and thoughtful design is obvious across the wide selection of pots, pans and accessories, making it easier for you to cook with flair and imagination. 

When you prepare your meals with the iCook cookware collection, you can be confident in plating up food that is cooked naturally for a higher nutritional return to your family.




The VITALOK™ cooking method uses lower temperatures and less added water than traditional cooking. This prevents nutrients from breaking down, helping to retain one third more nutrients in your cooking. The water seal that forms between the lid and the pan allows meat, fruit and vegetables to cook quickly in their natural oils and juices without added fat – but with plenty of taste.


The exclusive DURAMIC® non-stick coating on the 12” Non-Stick Frypan is easy to clean and almost impossible to scratch. It’s one of the toughest, most durable non-stick coatings in the world. The three-layer non-stick DURAMIC coating is reinforced internally and externally for superior durability.


The OPTITEMP™ base is made from two layers of permanently bonded metal to allow heat to be distributed evenly throughout the pan. The extra thickness helps pans retain heat longer than many single-ply cookware materials. The OPTITEMP cooking base means food and sauces cook more evenly with no hot spots. Plus, the improved heat distribution allows you to stack one pan on top of another and cook an entire meal on one burner.


Each piece of cookware is made of heavy-gauge, multi-ply stainless steel, with a carbon-steel core to improve heat distribution and 18/10 surgical-grade steel inner and outer layers. The bases are fully encapsulated in aluminium to work beautifully on today’s cooktops, including ceramic and glass.


iCook’s classic style and ergonomically shaped handles and knobs deliver a lifetime of superb cooking performance. Comfortable grips and convenient helper handles make iCook pans easy to lift and use. The patent-pending handles are oven and heat-resistant to 200ºC. Finger guards around the knobs and flame guards on the long handles help protect your fingers from hot metal and damage from hot cooker rings.