GIP 2019 Terms & Conditions

  1. All New Zealand Cash Award qualifiers will be paid in Australian Dollars (AU$) which will then be converted to the equivalent amount in New Zealand Dollars at the time of payment.
  2. All IBOs who wish to participate in the PY2019 Growth Incentive Program will be required to electronically register their acceptance of the terms and conditions, inclusive of the Higher Award and Growth Incentive Program Tracking and Review Process. Only registered incentive participants will be processed under the Higher Award and Growth Incentive Program Tracking and Review Process to qualify for potential incentive payments. These terms and conditions must be read in conjunction with the Higher Award and Growth Incentive Program Tracking and Review Process PY2019 Australia and New Zealand requirements which will be available from mid July 2018.
  3. An IBO must be in good standing with Amway to receive ANY cash award payments or receive an invitation to ANY Amway Business Seminar. At all times, the Rules of Conduct for Amway IBOs (Rules of Conduct) must be complied with. All GIP payments and incentive trip qualifications are subject to the Higher Award and Tracking verification audit process and payable at the discretion of Amway
  4. Any IBO who qualifies for either an APAC Leadership qualified month, a 9%, 12% or 15% One Time Cash Award, a Q Cash Reward or a Platinum Elite Cash Award in PY2019 must have a minimum of 150PPV in each qualifying month. Where an IBO achieves 150PPV for a qualifying month this requirement EXCLUDES automatic top-up and automatic top-up reversal.
  5. All PY2019 cash awards will be paid upon the completion of the relevant higher reward qualification and review process which is usually approximately eight to ten weeks after the actual qualification month. For example, if you qualify for a payment in September 2018 you will be paid in mid to late November 2018. However, for the purpose of the PY2019 Q Cash Rewards Program ONLY all qualified IBO’s must exceed the number of silver producer qualified months they achieve in PY2019 compared with PY2018 and/or requalify in PY2019 at the same or higher pin level they achieved in PY2018 BEFORE any payment is processed.
  6. To qualify for any PY2019 GIP cash award all qualifying months must be within the 2019 Amway Performance Year.
  7. All IBO’s will have a predetermined PY2019 Q base for the Q Cash Reward Program which is the actual total number of personal and frontline Q’s achieved in the 2018 performance year.
  8. All qualified Platinums and above as of 31 August 2018 will receive their PY2019 Q Cash Reward Program base via communication from their State Sales Manager in Australia or their Account Manager in New Zealand in late September 2018.
  9. The maximum number of Personal Q’s an IBO can achieve in the Q Cash Rewards Program is capped at one.
  10. To be eligible to participate in the Platinum Elite Program the minimum qualification level is silver producer or above.
  11. If there is default on instalment finance of volume that contributes to any higher award qualification, AMWAY reserves the right to withhold the qualification and award and any related cash award payment until the debt is resolved.
  12. To protect the line of sponsorship AMWAY has instituted procedures, as far as practicable, to issue finance terms only to IBOs with the appropriate credit history, however, bonus/rebate qualifiers acknowledge that instalment debt management is a joint responsibility between the leadership and AMWAY.
  13. If an audit of a qualification month indicates noncompliance with the Rules of Conduct or Higher Award tracking requirements Amway will take steps to recover Progressive Cash Award payments and Platinum Growth cash award payments. If there is a return of products exceeding 400PV (200PV in New Zealand) by a qualifier or an IBO through line from a qualifier the PV will be reworked back to the month of purchase and any personal or frontline Q cash award paid in relation to that product will be recoverable by Amway.
  14. To participate in the PY19 Growth Incentive Program, all IBOs must comply with the Amway Rules of Conduct,
  15. All IBOs must be in good standing with Amway to receive an invitation to ANY business seminar as a part of the PY2019 Growth Incentive Program.
  16. Travel and accommodation will not be provided for the New Silver and Gold Producer Seminars.
  17. The New Silver and Gold Producer Seminar, New Platinum Seminar, APAC Leadership Seminar, Emerald Escape and Diamond Invitational events are all classified as invitational events. Thus, if an IBO receives an invitation and chooses for whatever reason not to attend any of these events they will not be reimbursed with any of the costs associated with that particular event.
  18. All IBOs are responsible for their own visas upon departing and/or returning into Australia or New Zealand for Achievers, New Platinum Seminar, APAC Leadership Seminar, New EBR/ERR Escape or Diamond Invitational events held overseas. If for any reason an IBO is refused re-entry back into Australia or New Zealand owing to a visa issue the IBO(s) will be liable for ALL associated accommodation and travel costs incurred for any additional time which they are required to spend in the country where the event is located.
  19. The New Silver and Gold Producer Seminar, New Platinum Seminar, APAC Leadership Seminar, EBR/ERR Escape and Diamond Invitational are ALL invitational events only extended to those names listed on the Amway independent business. Therefore, any children of any Amway independent business owner(s) are not invited.


These Terms & Conditions above are all subject to change without notice

Amway Definitions

ACHIEVERS: The annual invitational business seminar for high performing IBOs.

APAC Leadership Seminar: Asia Pacific Amway Leadership Seminar 2019 Dubai for high performing IBOs.

EMERALD BONUS / REBATE RECIPIENT ( EBR /ERR ) : An IBO will have personally or foster sponsored three or more in-market 21%groups, each of which have qualified at the maximum performance bonus level in at least six months of the Amway Performance Year.

SILVER PRODUCER An IBO who achieves one qualifying Silver Producer month within a rolling twelve month period.

GOLD PRODUCER: An IBO who achieves three qualifying Silver Producer months within a rolling twelve month period.

PGV: Personal Group Volume (PGV): Any volume outside of an IBO’s entire existing qualified leg(s).

PPV: Any Volume which is purchased by an IBO for personal use, or for sale to customers.

PY2016: Performance Year that runs from1 September 2015 through to 31 August 2016.

PY2017: Performance Year that runs from 1 September 2016 through to 31 August 2017.

PY2018: Performance Year that runs from 1 September 2017 through to 31 August 2018.

PY2019: Performance Year that runs from 1 September 2018 through to 31 August 2019.

QUALIFYING LEG: A personal or foster sponsored leg that has qualified at the maximum performance bonus level of 21% for a minimum of six months within the same Amway Performance Year.

RULES OF CONDUCT: The Rules of Conduct for Amway IBOs which can be found at or

VOLUME EQUIVALENCY (VE): Achieved by generating at least 10 Silver Producer qualified months in the Performance Year along with 108,000VE, which equates to 120% of the annual Founders Platinum volume. Volume Equivalency includes both non-qualifying and qualifying volume from your entire in-market group during the Amway Performance Year.